Buckee the Horse

Buckee the HorseI’m pleased to meet you! My name is Buckee, and I’m a solid chestnut four-year old horse. My owner’s name is Mr. Harrison, and we live in a rambling ranch.

Maintaining a horse like me can be a pretty expensive endeavor, but when Mr. Harrison acquired me, he made sure that he would be a truly responsible owner. Whenever he leaves for a business trip in the city, my groomer, Uncle George, looks after me and makes sure that I’m in the pinkest of health. We start our day at the crack of dawn. He brushes my foretop, followed by my mane and tail. He also sees to it that my coat is shiny and clean.

After my feeding, Uncle George takes me out for an exercise, and this is when I am most happy. Where I am is nothing short of magical – 200 acres of land amid wide-open country – and the promise of adventure is just waiting around the next river bend.

The ranch has an enormous log gateway welcoming friends and guests. My master entertains a lot of people and he often takes me on trail rides with them. I’m far from being alone here, because apart from three other horses, there are also cows and dogs that keep me company. Outside the main gate, a gravel road leads one to a small forest next to the property. Here, grizzly bears, mountain sheep, and elk abound; eagles and hawks randomly soar overhead.

In addition, just beyond the ranch, I often see wild stallions roaming up and down the hills. Mr. Harrison says that about a hundred years ago, more than 2 million horses freely roamed the country. That number had drastically dwindled because of many different factors. Commercial cattlemen, for instance, accuse the wild horses of depleting grazing land, and urge the government to radically reduce the size of the horse herds. However, a filmmaker once proved that horses trailed up a mountainous patch of forest to feed and drink far upstream of the cattle; and by doing so, neither herd disturbed the other!

Wild horses have long been one of the most majestic American national images. It is but fair to allow them to roam the land freely to their hearts’ content.

I’m on a mission to help bring awareness to, and help protect the wild horses.


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