Crackers the Parrot

Crackers the ParrotHello, my name is Crackers and I’m a fussy parrot. I know I’m fussy because I always need to have something to chew on, and when I’m sleeping I insist (by making a shrieking sound that drives my owner nuts) that my cage is covered with a white cloth. Sleep is very important to me! It makes me vigorous and alert during my waking hours. When I’m really excited, I raise my bright yellow-orange crest and flap my wings wildly!

My owner’s name is Patty, and whenever her friends come to visit, they always ask if I can talk. I give them a loud, “Hello!” before Pat can even answer. I know tons of other human phrases as well, such as “I love you,” or “Good morning!” but I only talk when Pat hands me a treat. That’s how mischievous I am!

My owner pampers me with a great diet. People think that we only eat seeds, but actually, parrots like me are also huge fans of fruits and vegetables such as grapes, oranges, pears, melons, broccoli, peas, and even carrots. A personal favorite of mine is pizza crust, but she only gives me that as an occasional treat, because it’s fatty!

My parents are from the Asian country of Indonesia. They were actually residents of a large tropical rain forest there. Rain forests are home to huge numbers of plants and animals. They are also referred to as the earth’s “lungs” because the trees take up a gas called carbon dioxide. They, in turn, give off oxygen which is important for animal life. Sadly, rain forests all over Africa, Asia, and South America are being cut down. Loggers mindlessly cut down hardwood trees to make furniture, while farmers clear the rain forest to plant crops. However, the poor soil washes away and then the farmers clear even more rain forest.

Conservationists are now looking for ways wherein people can use the bounty of the rain forests without destroying them. If not, there will soon be no homes for all the exotic residents of this wonderful habitat.

I’m on a mission to bring awareness to solutions where people can use the bounty of the rainforest, in a way that does not destroy them.

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