Jake the Pound Dog

Jake the Pound DogHi, I’m Jake. My pal Andy says I’m a black lab with a mix. I’m brown, and rather short, standing just a little past my master’s knees.   I’m not quite sure what breeds are, but Andy once took me to a dog show. I’ve never seen so many different-looking dogs in my life! He said they were German Shepherds, Dobes, Pinschers, Poodles, Schnauzers, and many other breeds whose names twist my tongue. They all looked pretty and handsome, and their masters were very proud of them when they jumped and ran across so many obstacles at that dog show. The best ones got trophies and medals. Andy promised that he’d let me join a dog show too, if the organizers open a division for my “breed.”

Anyway, while I was on the bleachers watching that show, I remembered my furry friends over at the pound, where I spent two long weeks. We were kept in cages, and although we were well-fed, every day during those two weeks, I yearned to have someone pat my head and play with me. I wanted to show off the tricks I could do, such as stand on my hind legs or fetch a toy with my mouth, but the workers were too busy to watch my antics! You could just imagine how glad I was when, one day, this sprightly boy came in with his dad and pointed in my direction. I stood up on my hind legs and did a little jig. And then I wagged my tail and tried to chase it. Father and son kept laughing at what I was trying to do, and in a few minutes, I was riding on their car on the way to my new home.

I was Mr. Archer’s gift for Andy for his eighth birthday. I heard him shout that I was the best gift ever! They built a doghouse for me in their backyard, but guess what? Andy fixed up a special mattress at the foot of his bed, because he loves it when I wake him up every morning.

My new family takes me wherever they can.  My favorite pastime is hanging my tongue out the car window and letting the wind blow on my face. I just love long drives! They make me feel so carefree and all I’d care about is counting the trees whizzing past my face. It is during these times that I think of all my friends whom I left behind at the dog pound.  I hope that soon, little boys or girls would also pick them and give them new homes, so they would again be able to enjoy walks in the park and trips to the beach, as I now do.

I’m on a mission to help pets who are in shelters and rescues get adopted. I have some plans, and I hope you will help me.

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