Kids Saving the Rainforest

Meet a PetBoogaloo Hero

PetBoogaloo would like to acknowledge a true hero. Meet Janine Licare, co-founder of
Kids Saving the Rainforest.

My name is Janine and I live in the middle of some of the most beautiful rainforest you can imagine, in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

When I was 9 ½ years old, my friend and I decided that we wanted to create artwork to sell in order to make some spending money, so we set up a roadside stand.

Within just a few days, we knew that we should put to use what we earned for something much more important. That’s when we had the idea to start saving the rainforest.

Ever since we were little, we acknowledged the fact that it is home to many kinds of animals as well as other living organisms such as trees, plants and insects.

The rainforest is an amazing place and we vow to do anything and everything we can to save it. It is very important that we preserve the environment because by saving it, we make sure that our future is protected and available for the next generations. If it disappears, then so does our planet.

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