Little Katie Kitty

Little Katie KittyMy name is Katie Kitty and I’m a gold and black baby Maine Coon. I live in a sprawling farm with my mom, who’s got the most beautiful long fur I’ve ever seen; my friends Lizzie and Laura, ten-year-old twins who treat me like a princess, just like  their parents do, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly. 

Where I live, winters can be extremely cold and I love curling up on a cozy couch near the fireplace. Lizzie, the stricter of the twins, always admonishes me whenever I hide in their bedroom slippers under the bed, but Laura seems to get a kick out of it. She also asked their dad to build a scratching post for me near the kitchen door because I’ve pretty much made my mark everywhere I could put my claws on.

City cats think they’ve got it made, but in my opinion, a farm is the best place a kitten like me could ever be in. There’s fresh milk every day, vast meadows to discover, and catnip everywhere! Sometimes I sneak into the barn to chase mice – this grosses Laura out, but I don’t really catch them; I just enjoy giving those little guys a scare. My mom thinks I’m spoiled rotten, because the twins shower me with toys and let me sleep on their bed at night. It wasn’t that way with my mom – she was a stray cat before Mr. Kelly took her in. She lived in a distant farm with what she said seemed to be like a hundred other cats, and because the farmer who used to own her had so many animals to take care of, she would often wander off to look for food. When Mr. Kelly found her on the roadside one morning, she had mangy hair, was very ill, and hadn’t eaten for days!

It was for this reason that Mr. Kelly had my mom spayed as soon as she was back on her pretty paws. Mom says pet owners really need to be responsible and have their pets neutered and spayed so their offspring won’t end up as stray animals, with neither food, shelter, nor tender loving care.

My mission is to educate pet owners on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

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