Nipper the Mouse

Nipper the MouseI’m so glad to meet you! Call me “Nipper” – I’m a grey mouse with pink ears and a twitchy pink snout. Mikey, my proud owner, built me a rambling playpen in his room – you should see it! It’s made of all my favorite colors: purple, yellow, and green. It has tunnels, wheels, and all sorts of compartments I could get lost in.

Mikey tells his friends I have this boundless energy. Well, I have to admit I love to show off. After a spirited exhibition, he rewards me with my favorite treat: a homemade meal which is a combination of crushed oats, cockatiel seeds, and molasses. Once, Mikey brought me to school for Show-and-Tell. When he finally pulled me out from his shirt pocket, all his classmates squealed in delight! I wowed them by running all over Mikey’s arms and over the top of his head. He also trained me to stand up on my hind legs when he gives a particular whistle.  That act bowled them over. Even Mikey’s stuffy Science teacher smiled in satisfaction.

I’m a relatively new pet of Mikey’s, and once, he whispered to me that he’d soon get me a companion. It can be rather lonely moving around my spacious cage with no one to play with. He asked me how many playmates I wanted to have, but I think it doesn’t really matter if I have one, two, three, or more friends living with me, because I have so many toys to share with them!

I’ve heard of mice like me being caged in places called laboratories. I also learned that they’re not being treated well, and most of them die from all sorts of drugs being tested on them. Some are either overfed or starved, depending on the nature of the experiments being done on them. It makes me feel upset knowing that animals like me are being treated this way. I hope that scientists come up with different, less cruel alternatives to animal experimentation so we humble mice could enjoy life just as humans do.

I’m on a mission to stop cruel animal experimentation.

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