Ping Pong the Fish

Ping Pong the Fish

Hello there! My name is Ping Pong. I’m a three-inch goldfish. I have a golden body and floppy orange fins. You’re probably wondering why I’m named Ping Pong, huh? Well, other than my globular body which looks as if I’ve swallowed a ping pong ball, I was named so by my owner, Peter, who won me at a town fair. When he shot his third ping pong ball into a bottle, he jumped up and down with delight. There were many of us lined up at the booth, and poor Peter had a hard time choosing which one of us to take home. All of us were swimming back and forth as gracefully as we could.
Suddenly, I had a bright idea – I flipped over belly-up and played dead! The man at the booth was aghast, and so was Peter! He picked up my plastic bag, tapped it gently, and voila! I flipped over again and waved my orange fins for him to admire. Needless to say, I was the one he carried home that day and proudly showed to his mom.

They built a nifty aquarium for me, with just the bare essentials: an air pump, some multicolored pebbles, and a few plastic plants. Peter placed a light on top of it to give my home an attractive “glowing” effect. Initially, Peter’s dad helped him clean the aquarium, but soon enough, Peter learned to clean it on his own. It’s really great to have spanking clear water after cleaning time! My scales give off a deeper color, and because of that, I breathe more easily, I become more active and eagerly play hide-and-seek with Peter by burrowing myself between the plants.

Wouldn’t it be great if all fish always had clean water to swim in? There are millions of fish in our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Unfortunately, many of them die due to water pollution. Chemical wastes, detergents, fertilizers, and discharge of untreated sewage are just a few of the sources of water pollution. If unchecked, this problem would soon reach alarming proportions and eventually endanger the world’s fish populations. Let’s work together to make our world a better place by keeping our waters clean and safe to live in!

Will you join me, and become a part of PetBoogaloo ? 

I’m on a mission to bring awareness, and to help keep our oceans and rivers clean.

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