Rubin the Rabbit

Rubin the RabbitHi, call me Rubin! I’m a brown rabbit with floppy ears and a button tail. My owner Robby received me as a gift, and we’ve been best friends for two years now. When Robby’s in school, everything’s quiet around the house and this is the time I take long, restful naps. Oh, I love my morning naps! Mrs. Rogers thinks I’m such a lazy bunny, but that’s just the way I am! I’m most active at dawn and dusk, but I feel really sleepy during the day, especially while watching those weepy soaps on television.

My favorite diet consists of romaine lettuce, apples, and papaya. I keep fit by exercising in the backyard every afternoon. Robby lets me loose and I jump around Mrs. Rogers’ garden, careful to avoid her azaleas and lilies. Our next-door neighbors also have a pet rabbit. She’s a grey beauty who never fails to keep my heart a-flutter. When I’m out in the garden, I jump as high as I can to catch a glimpse of her across the rose bushes. How I wish we’d meet face-to-face someday!

My favorite toy is an old baby teether that Robby’s baby sister gave me. It’s a key ring rattle that makes a funny sound whenever I pick it up with my teeth. I’m fond of chewing on it or throwing it as hard as I can. I also like the old golf balls that Mr. Rogers places in my cage, or any old oatmeal containers from Mrs. Rogers. I’m very grateful for all the attention they give me, and in return, I shower them with my love and attention. Sometimes all I have to do is just sit there and visitors will coo at me like I’m the cutest furry little animal they’ve ever seen!

Would you believe that not all rabbits are as lucky as I am? There are many rabbits worldwide that are kept in very small cages and treated heartlessly by cosmetic testers. These people use unsafe chemicals and test them on the animals’ eyes or skin. Some harmful drugs are even injected in them and cause fatal damage to these animals. There are other alternatives to cosmetic testing and I hope you’ll help me reach out to these groups so they would realize how much more valuable we could be if we were compassionately treated and cared for.

I’m on a mission to stop cosmetic testing on animals.

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