Scooter the Turtle

Scooter the TurtleHi, guys, I’m Scooter the Turtle. I live with Mrs. Thomas, a kindly old widow who has a huge mansion on top of a hill. My house is a big aquarium located in the middle of an extensive library. My glass aquarium is filled with pebbles and plants, and every morning I get to nibble on leaves and swim to my heart’s content. In the afternoons, Mrs. Thomas takes me out to her vast garden where I marvel at all the beautiful flowers around me. While she enjoys tea with her friends, I take my time wandering around the vegetable patches and shrubs. I don’t get far, though, because I’m not really the quickest animal on this planet, but Mrs. Thomas often calls out my name in exasperation, wondering which stones I wedged myself into this time.

I’m really fortunate to have a friend like Mrs. Thomas, who patiently reads stories to me every night before I sleep. She would often pull out a heavy picture book from one of the towering bookshelves in the library and tell me tales about the fascinating sites where my relatives live.

Once, she told me about places called “wetlands,” where turtles like me are often found. “What exactly are they?” I asked her. “Well,” she replied, “There’s water, and then there’s land. Somewhere in the middle are the wetlands.” She then proceeded to tell me that these in-between places rank among the richest ecosystems on Earth, and that they often have more plant and animal life than forests, rivers, lakes, or grasslands. However, she said that many of the world’s wetlands are slowly disappearing!

Mrs. Thomas said that the construction of canals to control the river flow disturbed the flooding cycle and weakened the wetlands. Moreover, some developers thoughtlessly filled in marshes to build houses, shopping centers, and parking lots on top of the wetlands. This is surely terrible news not only for all my relatives who live there, but also for all the other animals that make it their home – the migratory birds, the alligators, the fish, and many others. Mrs. Thomas is an active member of an organization that helps protect the further destruction of wetlands all over the country, and that’s the reason why I’m so proud of her and all the good work she has done!

I am on a mission to bring awareness to the importance of our wetlands, and to help make changes so that we save this very important ecosystem.

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