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PetBoogaloo is proud to honor Sherry Conisbee and the entire Soi Dog Rescue team, as PetBoogaloo’s Hero of the Month.

In Bangkok, stray dogs and cats continue to exist on the streets in frightening numbers and in the most appalling conditions. Thankfully, the Soi Dog Rescue team is there, to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats, and to relieve their suffering through  community-based spay/neuter projects.

soi dog rescue before pic soi dog rescue after

This is Boy’s photo, before and after he was resued

At Soi Dog Rescue in Bangkok ( ), the volunteers and Thai staff devote their efforts to helping stray dogs and cats who live on the streets and in the temples. Sherry Conisbee, the co-founder of Soi Dog Rescue, says, “There are an estimated 300,000 dogs and untold hundreds of thousands of cats; too many for our small group to cover. But we do what we can.” Soi Dog Rescue focuses on spay/neuter programs in target communities in conjunction with community educational programs.

In just over three years, Soi Dog Rescue has managed to spay over 2,567 cats and dogs. Soi Dog Rescue also runs an adoption service which gives a few lucky strays permanent homes in Thailand and in the USA.

soi dog rescue before soi dog rescue after

This is Damsel’s photo, before and after being rescued by Soi Dog Rescue

Soi Dog Rescue currently relies on volunteer overseas vets or treatments at private vet clinics in Bangkok, both time-consuming to arrange and expensive. Having a full-time vet on board will cost as little as USD 1,000 per month (around $35,000 Thai baht). This will significantly increase the number of sterilizations they can perform each day and their ability to cope with more vaccinations and treatments for the thousands of sick, injured and abused cats and dogs on the city’s streets.

Petboogaloo ( ) salutes Sherry Conisbee and the team at Soi Dog Rescue for their dedication to improving the lives of Bangkok’s street dogs. And in their doing so, creating a happier healthier environment for everyone.

Those interested in the helping Soi Dog Rescue can visit their website at .

soi dog rescue before soi dog rescue after

This is Periwinkle’s photo before and after being rescued by Soi Dog Rescue

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