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PetBoogaloo Awards Renee Carleton of the Pet Food Bank

PetBoogaloo’s Hero of the Month

The Pet Food Bank, started by Renee Carleton, is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes pet food and supplies for animal rescue groups. PetBoogaloo is proud to honor Renee Carleton as PetBoogaloo’s Hero of the Month.

The Pet Food BankIn 1993, Renee started volunteering for the Friends For Pets Foundation. She helped transport dogs and did home visits for potential adoptive families. Renee quickly learned of the difficulties that animal rescue facilities faced. Besides the daily care of the animals, the incoming donations didn’t always cover food and vet bills. Because of this, Renee began to look for ways to reduce the cost of buying dog food.

Renee found out that many stores were destroying damaged bags of pet food. The warehouses did not want to keep these bags of dog food around. Yet, they had no one to pick it up. That’s when Renee started The Pet Food Bank, and began to pick up food in her car. The amount of donated dog food began to increase, and within a year, her car was too small. Renee borrowed trucks from friends, and started sharing some of the dog food with other rescues. The amount continued to grow. What was once was a carload, quickly became a truckload, and that turned into an 18-wheeeler truckload.

Before Renee knew it, transportation services, a forklift, warehouse space, and volunteers were needed. Fortunately, Renee has been successful in getting these services donated. Last week alone, The Pet Food Bank received over 80,000 pounds of pet food.

Food is not the only items Renee is collecting. Many of the rescues need crates, collars, leashes, and medical supplies. Renee searched and found sources to donate these items. These sources also brought in supplies for cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, birds, turtles, and reptiles.

Currently The Pet Food Bank is in need of funds to purchase a new forklift. They can also use gas cards, as each food bank delivery costs about $120 in gas money. The Pet Food Bank is a non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible. Those interested in the helping The Pet Food Bank, can visit their website at .

Petboogaloo ( salutes Renee Carleton, founder of The Pet Food Bank, for her dedication to improving the lives of homeless animals.

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